A Timeline Of The Plague Year

Free ebook and pay-to-print book available here: https://covidtheplagueyear.wordpress.com/

I published a new book on 15 April 2021. Co-authored with Rupert Read (and edited by Joanna Booth) ‘A Timeline Of The Plague Year: A Comprehensive Record of the UK Government’s Response to the Coronavirus Crisis’ is, we think, the most comprehensive record of the UK government’s response to covid.

Covering key aspects of the crisis, including the huge death toll, lockdowns, herd immunity policy, the Personal Protective Equipment, care homes, long covid, the test and trace system, border closures, Eat Out To Help Out and statements made by official government advisors and independent experts, we believe the timeline is a must read for anyone interested in understanding what happened and stopping it happening again.

“This timeline is timely! We desperately need to examine and understand what the government did and did not do in the face of this pandemic. We need to know were they negligent, incompetent or worse – that is, guilty of pursuing policies that endangered the population? This book helps us decide. Please read it. Our lives depend on it. It might happen again.” – Michael Rosen, poet, and author of ‘Many Different Kinds of Love: A Story of Life, Death and the NHS’

“When you read this clear, factual timeline of events with an unprejudiced eye, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the Government response was often complacent, mistaken, delayed and flawed, causing tens of thousands of avoidable deaths.” – Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner

“The UK handling of the COVID19 pandemic has been nothing short of disastrous with many thousands of unnecessary lives lost and families left grieving for loved ones. At some point the British government will have to be held to account. Here, Sinclair, Read and Booth have provided what is destined to become a key source for the legal battles ahead and for historians seeking to understand how things went so badly wrong in the country that has always led the world in effective public health interventions. Never again must we be caught out as we were in Endorsements v 2020. This important work should enable the real lessons of the pandemic to be learned and an accountable and effective public health system rebuilt from the ashes of an avoidable catastrophe.” – John Ashton, author of Blinded by Corona: How the Pandemic ruined Britain’s Health and Wealth and What to do about it