The March That Shook Blair

The march that shook Blair

In 2013 I published the book ‘The March That Shook Blair: An Oral History of 15 February 2003’ with Peace News Press.

You can buy the book from Peace News.

“A powerful and important memoir of an unforgettable moment in our country’s history.” – Caroline Lucas, Green MP

“This is a fascinating book – a moving and nostalgic piece of oral history. An honest warts-and-all account.” – Bruce Kent, Vice President of CND

“On this evidence, the big march was shock and awe from the bottom-up; it came within a hair’s breadth of derailing the warmongers and still shapes our politics today.”  – Joe Glenton, Afghan war veteran and author of Soldier Box (Verso)

“While our rulers have every interest in erasing any trace of the anti-Iraq War movement from history, it is important we do not make the same mistake. In telling the story of the march and its far-reaching influence – including the important role played by British Muslims – ‘The March that Shook Blair’ is an inspiring and timely reminder of the power of public protest.” – Salma Yaqoob, former leader of Respect

“A treasure-trove meditation on the logic and power of protest focusing on one of the most important moments in modern British political history. Full of insight, interest, wit and humanity, it rescues February 15, 2003 from the Orwellian memory hole and the media lie that ordinary people are powerless to change the world. A reminder of the elevated stakes in an age of Permanent War, the message of this book: all is not as it is made to seem.” – David Cromwell and David Edwards, Co-Editors, Media Lens

“Unrivalled in the immediacy, range and power of the experiences it contains, this important oral history book includes a diverse range of voices which reveal the complex story of this historic march. A compelling read.”Lyn Smith, author of Voices Against War: A Century of Protest (Mainstream Publishing)

I completed a short speaking tour to promote the book:

15 February 2013, book launch, Friends Meeting House, London
19 February 2013, Friends Meeting House, Hastings
25 February 2013, Lincoln University, Lincoln
26 February 2013, Friends Meeting House, Peterborough
9 March 2013, Friends Meeting House, Sheffield
13 March 2013, Quarter Horse Coffee, Oxford
3 April 2013, Friends Meeting House, Faringdon
5 April 2013, Iraqi women’s conference, Bolivar Hall, London
19 April 2013, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth
23 April 2013, Friends Meeting House, Norwich
29 May 2013, University of Southampton, Southampton
18 June 2013, Northcourt Centre, Abingdon
20 September 2013, Friends Meeting House, Norwich
21 September 2013, Peace History Conference, Friends Meeting House, Manchester

12 February 2014, Working Class Movement Library, Salford
19 February 2014, Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham
17 May 2014, Oral Labour Histories symposium, Bishopsgate Institute, London

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